Bloons TD 6 Cheats – Monkey Money Generator

Bloons TD 6 is an amazing mobile game launched by Ninja Kiwi. It has become quickly popular among players all around the world thanks to its great story line and impressive graphics. Bloons TD 6 is based around a tower defense and all the defensive strategy. The game is available in Google Play and AppStore. The main quest of the game is to help a group of monkey to protect their territory. Players will need monkey money to defends those monkey and they will have to complete assignments to obtain those items. Bloons TD 6 Monkey Money Generator is a great alternative ofr players to get those money. Just click on the generator button bellow and start earning free monkey money!


bloons td 6 monkey money generator


Bloons TD 6 tell the story of a group of monkeys and their enemies, the balloons. The monkeys need your help to protect their home against those marauding balloons. The monkeys have to shoot the balloons that are approaching their home. The game bring some challenges for its players that will have to make some strategy moves ahead in order to eliminate the balloons by eliminate towers. Soulbind is very important in the Bloons TD 6 mobile game. It can help you gain more lives for every 100 coins that you invest in this.


How to eliminate Bloons

Bloons is the name of the balloons that are trying to invade the monkeys territory. The Bloons are different, some are easy to eliminate, some are very difficult to take down. Each tower has some tricks for those kind of balloons. The worst bloons are the ones with camouflage power and the metal balloons. For the metal one, you will have to use the canon to destroy it. The camouflaged balloons can be eliminated by the ninjas, wizards and boomerangs. Other tricks of the game are the : Temple of the Monkey God, Monkey Sniper, Monkey Buccaneer, Spike Factory, Monkey Village.


Bloons TD 6 Monkey Money Generator

Bloons TD 6 main currency is the monkey money. Players will need the money to access the power boosters to eliminate the bloons and obtain more lives. Players can also use Bloons TD 6 Monkey Money Generator to obtain free monkey money in just a few moments. After accessing the generator, you will have to select the platform you are using and select the amount of monkey money and lives that you need to eliminate the bloons. You will have to complete a short human verification test to avoid spam. The generator can be used on Android and iOS devices and it has an anti-ban protection so the users won’t get caught.


bloons td cheats