Clash of Kings Cheats – Resources Generator

Clash of Kings is a great strategy mobile game with amazing graphics and many challenges for its players. The players have the main purpose to rebuild and reinforce their castle, defends themselves from the attackers and make your own army by recruiting and training new soldiers. In order to do so, the players will need resources like gold, food, wood and XP. The players have to complete assignments to earn this resources or they can purchase them from the game menu. Clash of Kings Resources Generator will help the players obtain all the resources they need for free in just minutes. Just click on the button below and start the generator!


clash of kings resources generator


Clash of Kings will challenge their players to rebuild a few building and maintain them but the the most important building is the castle. Everything depends on this building. Even if you want to unlock new buildings, you may only achieved it when you upgrade your castle. Players will also have to upgrade their sawmill and produce more wood to repair buildings. To produce and store the resources better and faster the players can form alliances with other players.


Train your Clash of Kings Army

After repairing and reinforcing their castle and build a strong defense strategy, the players will also have to create a great attack plan. To do so, they will need to have an army stronger than the other players. The army will also be helpful to protect your castle or the others can attack your fortress and conquer your belongings including your castle and other buildings. The soldiers will help you gather resources like wood and iron. As their leader, you will have the duty to feed and train the soldiers and create the strongest army in the game.


Clash of Kings Resources Generator

Clash of Kings players will need different resources to build their fortress and army. Resources like wood and food can be found by the soldiers or can be purchased from the game. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can use Clash of Kings Resources Generator. Click on the button above and you will be redirected to our generator page. Enter your username and select the platform you are using. Go to next step and select the amount of gold, wood, food and XP that you need to achieve your assignments. You will have to pass a short human verification test.