Gardenscapes Coins and Stars Generator

Gardenscapes is an interactive puzzle game where you have to match items by moving them creating rows, columns or group of the same pieces. Is it similar to Homescapes only that in this game, the players have the job to redecorate the garden. As in Homescapes game, in Gardenscapes the rewards are the same, Coins and Stars. To obtain those items, you may complete several tasks daily or purchase it. If you don’t want to play or to pay for it, you can obtain free coins and stars using Gardenscapes Coins Generator. Enter all the details required such as the amount of resources and you will receive it for free into your Gardenscapes account.



Gardenscapes is a fun and relaxing mobile game for those who like to rearrange landscapes. The game challenges its players to redecorate a garden and create their own design with help from the main character, Austin the Butler. With each level that comes, the players will have to get pieces to redesign the garden like flowers, fruits, juice glasses, fireworks. The players will also have tasks regarding the garden like cleaning up the garbage or ivy. After completing a level, the players will be rewarded with coins and stars and new areas of the garden will get unlocked. You can use this rewards to purchase different items to redecorate your garden.


Gardenscape Free Coins and Stars

Coins are the main currency items in Gardenscapes mobile game. Players can get coins by solving puzzle games and fulfill different quests. Players can also use coins to replay a puzzle games when the reaching a though level. The coins can be traded for items necessary to complete task and redecorate the garden area one by one. After cleaning an area and fill it with flowers, furniture you will unlock a new area. If you don’t want to play all those games, you can purchase coins for real money. Or you can use Gardenscapes Coins Generator to receive free Coins in just minutes.

Stars are another way to trade items in Gardenscapes. Players earn stars by solving puzzles in the same way as they earn coins. Later, they can trade stars to start cleaning the area, renew the benches and redecorating the garden. You can buy stars from the game menu but if don’t want to spend any bucks just use Gardenscapes Stars Generator. Acces the generator online, enter your platform and select the amount of resources. You will have to pass a short human verification test. After this step the resources will start loading into your account.