Homescapes Cheats – Free Coins and Stars Generator

Homescapes is one of the most popular mobile games about interior design. If you like furnishing and redecorate your home this is the perfect game for you. You will need resources to make changes like coins and stars. Players obtain these items by completing quests. Now thanks to the Homescapes Coins Generator you can get these resources without any action. All you will have to do is access the generator page. Enter your platform and select the amount of coins and stars that you need. You will also be asked to complete a quick human verification test. After this step, the resources will start loading into your Homescapes game account.



Homescapes is a interactive app game and the perfect choice to relax if you like to decorate homes. The main quest of the game is to help the main character Austin to change the design of his home by changing the furniture or even the colors of the walls. In order to make this changes you will need the game currencies like coins and stars. And to get those you will have to complete other small tasks. Tasks can be different from resolving puzzle games to clean rooms, dusting, cleaning the carpets. Once you complete an assignment you will get to the next level with new tasks.


Homescapes Coins Generator

Homescapes is a renovating game based on puzzle games to obtain coins and redecorate Austin home. The players can use the coins they receive to buy power boosts that will help them completing tasks easier and get to higher level faster. You may also use coins to complete a whole day of quests or buy extra lives. The problem is that if you play the game on a basic mode and complete the quests at the end of the day you will only receive a small amount of coins. Homescapes game even have an options to purchase this vital item with money. If you don’t want to spend any money on this game, you can use Homescapes Coins Generator and in a few moments you will receive free coins. Just access the generator and follow the instructions.


Homescapes Stars and Power Boosters

Homescapes Stars are the second most important currency in this game after Coins. Players will need to gain stars to be able to upgrade and start funishing the home of Austin. The stars are also needed to complete different tasks from Austin. Players will have some trouble trying to get stars because it is more difficult than getting coins. The players have to complete a whole level just to receive one star or solve puzzles. Some players prefer to purchase these stars with money. Now players can use Homescapes Stars Generator to get free stars in their accounts.

Power Boosters are a valuable options in Homescapes app game. This item will improve your playing skills and speed. There are different power boosts in the game like Rainbow or Bomb. Players can obtain these power boosters depending of difficulty of the puzzle games that they solve. Once a player get one of the power boosters, it can be used to solve a puzzle easy and fast and reach a new level. Players can purchase the power boosters from the game or use Homescapes Resources Generator to obtain these items without paying.


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