Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats – Gold & Units Generator

Marvel Contest of Champions is a popular mobile game based by the characters from Marvel Universe. It is a fighting app game between super-heroes and villains from the Marvel comic books. In order to win fights easier, you will need resources like gold and units. Marvel Contest of Champions Units Generator will help you obtain free resources in just minutes. Click on the button below, enter your username and the amount of gold and units that you want to receive.



Since its launch date in 2014, the app game become quickly famous not only among Marvel super-heroes movies and comic books but also among usual people. Even if it is an old game, the developers keep introducing new characters in order to entertain the players. The main quest of the game Marvel Contest of Champions is to fight as many battles as possible and create the best team of fighters. Your team may be made from both super heroes and villains as long as their powers can beat up the rest of the players. At the moment, Marvel app game has over 100 characters that you can choose from. All the characters are from the famous Marvel movies.


Marvel Contest of Champion – Crystals, Units & new Characters

Each new player of Marvel Contest of Champions game will receive from the start two characters to fight with. These characters have only a basic power level and fighting skills but you can improve further in the game. You will find some big crystals on your path. If you tap on them you will receive new champions. The main method to obtain new crystals is to exchange them for the Units that you will win each time you win a fight. Since not all the players have the patience to wait to purchase a new fighter, the game offers a chance to buy this Units. A crystal costs 100 Units.


Marvel Champions Class

As many Marvel fans know already, the fighters have different kind of skills no matter if they are heroes or anti heroes. For example, we have a basic skill group that includes Black Widow, Punisher. In the Science group we find the ones that have powers from science like Spiderman and Ant-Man. In the Mystic class we have Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange. Mutant class is formed by X-Men like Wolfverine and Deadpool and other characters that were genetically modified. Each class has different fighting skills and powers and the bonus that you will receive if you win is also depends on the champions class.


How to upgrade Champions

When you download this app game, you will receive characters with the lowest rank and you will have to play in order to upgrade them. A champion can be upgraded by increasing their rank or give them more power skills. ISO-8 is the name for a radioactive element that gives power to Marvel characters in all the comic books. This element will help you upgrading the champions in your team. In order to obtain ISO-8 you will have to find crystals and get new champions, you have to win fights and also complete different quests from the game. You may also receive resources by using Marvel Contest of Champions Units Generator.