Pet Rescue Saga Coins Generator

Pet Rescue Saga is a fun and relaxing game and is also addicting like all the games from the Saga like Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Friends. The main quest of the game is to save all the pets from the animal hunters. The players will also have to complete different assignments aside the main task and they will get rewarded each time. If you don’t want to wait to receive coins and gold bars in the game, you may use Pet Rescue Saga Coins Generator and you will get free resources. Just click on the button below and select the amount of coins and gold bars that you need to play and win fast and easy the Pet Rescue Saga app game.



Pet Rescue Saga will bring many challenges to its players but their main goal is to save their own little pets. The players have to look after their pets and make sure that they are save. Pet Rescue Saga is a puzzle game where you can eliminate pieces each time you make a row of column of the same color, shape. Players will have to find their pets and bring them down safety by matching the blocks underneath them. Once those disappear, the pet keep descending. The pet will be safe when it gets to the bottom of the screen. This game requires some strategy skills so the players will have to think ahead the moves in order to make sure that will be able to remove all the blocks.


Pet Rescue Saga Power Boosters

This amazing mobile game offers its players some cool power boosters that will help you complete the level fast and easy. Some of the power boosters from Pet Rescue Saga are Block Buster and Color Pop. It is recommended to use this boosters only when you don’t have any other options and likely when you are close completing the level. This power boosters can be purchased with game coins or with real money. Since the Pet Rescue Saga power boosters can be obtain with coins, you may use Pet Rescue Saga Coins Generator. Obtain the amount of coins that you need to purchase boosters and complete a level.


Pet Rescue Saga Coins Generator

The main currency in the game are the coins. Players receive coins when resolving puzzle games and completing a level. Players use coins to purchase power boosters to win faster. They may use the coins to complete different task regarding their pets. The coins can be also be purchased from the game for different prices. Another important item in the Pet Rescue Saga is the amount of lives. Players can use lives to replay a puzzle game. Players will receive free lives from the game each day but they also can ask their friends to send lives or they can send lives to others.


How to generate Pet Rescue Saga Coins

We have designed the perfect resources generator for Pet Rescue Saga. Now it is your chance to obtain all the coins and lives that you need to reach the highest level. This is how it works. First, click on the button above, you will get redirected to the generator page. Here select the platform you are using Android or iOS. Next select the amount of coins and lives that you want to generate. You will have to complete a short human verification test to avoid spam. The generator has an anti-ban protection so you won’t be detected while cheating the Pet Rescue Saga game.