Toon Blast Cheats

Toon Blast Cheats – Coins and Lives Generator

Toon Blast is an interactive app game and its main quest is to gain as much coins as possible by matching the same color pieces and maintain a high level of lives. This is the reason why many players want to obtain coins and lives easy and fast without having to pass each level in the game. Our Toon Blast Coins Generator will help you receive free coins and lives in just a few moments. Just click on the button below, enter your username in the game and select the amount of coins and lives that you want to be loaded into your account. After this, you will be asked to pass a quick human verification test in order to avoid spam and the resources will appear in your account.



Toon Blast Coins Generator

Toon Blast it is a game that keeps you upbeat but also it main quest is very simple. All you have to do is tap on pieces of the same color and design. When you tap on those pieces, they disappear making room for new pieces that replace them. You will receive different amounts of coins each time you connect a group of the same color. It also depends of how many pieces you made disappearing. There will also appear some special pieces and if you tap on them, you will receive bonus coins. You may use your coins to purchase an extra life.


Toon Blast Lives Generator

Each new player will receive 5 free lives when start playing Toon Blast. When you can’t complete a level you will loose one of your 5 lives that you received. You may gain lives from different ways. For instance you can buy them. As you complete a new level and you receive coins, you can trade 100 coins for one life. Another way is to stay connected for at least 20 minutes. Toon Blast offers a new life every 20 minutes for its players. After you reach level 20, you can also join a team of players and ask them to donate you lifes.


Toon Blast is one of the most popular mobile games available for iOS with a interactive design and many challenges for its players. It is a phenomenal mobile game available in AppStore and also Google Play. It was launched in 2017 by Peak games and it is a remake of their other popular game Toy Blast. The game became quickly popular also thanks to its addicting design. Even Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds appeared in a short commercial for this app game. At this moment, Toon Blast is one of the most popular app games available in AppStore with over 10,000 installs daily.


Toon Blast became quickly popular among Candy Crush usual player. This mobile game is a great source of fun and relaxing time. It also bring challenges for its players with its dynamic design. Also the game theme inspired by the famous cartoons. Accessing our online Toon Blast generator, you may receive coins and many lives in just a few minutes. You have a huge advantage to play the game easier and reach the higher levels faster and other cheat tools.